Your Ultimate Guide to Dubai Free Zone Visa Benefits For Employees

Your Ultimate Guide to Dubai Free Zone Visa Benefits For Employees


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Reaching a GDP of AED 1,524,087,500,00 in 2021, it’s no wonder the UAE is one of the world’s leading economies. This strong economic growth has created many opportunities for businesses and individuals alike, with free zone visas becoming increasingly popular. One can enjoy Dubai free zone visa benefits for employees when setting up a business in the UAE; these include access to exclusive incentives, services and facilities.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the key benefits of Dubai Free Zone visas. Before jumping in, let’s have a quick overview of what a free zone is.

What Are Free Zones in Dubai and How Do They Differ from Other Zones?

Free zones are designated areas within the UAE that allow businesses to operate in a tax-free environment where no customs duties or restrictions apply. These areas have their own regulations, laws and policies, which may differ from those of other parts of the UAE.

For instance, companies registered in free zones don’t need to appoint a local sponsor or agent to carry out business activities – something not possible elsewhere in the UAE.

The main differentiating factors are in ownership, physical offices, areas of operations and trading, and audits. For example: on the mainland, foreigners cannot own businesses 100% and must have at least an office lease agreement with a co-working space. Meanwhile, offshore businesses cannot trade and conduct operations in the UAE.

Free zones are different as foreign owners can have full ownership, trade and operate, and – at most – have no physical offices. Ready for more? Let’s have a detailed look at the Dubai free zone visa benefits for employees.

Top Dubai Free Zone Visa Benefits for Employees

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Having a business in free zones guarantees some advantages both for employers and staff, and the most notable ones are:

Access to Lucrative Tax Benefits

One of the major benefits of free zone visas is that businesses can operate in a tax-free environment. This means companies don’t have to pay any corporate taxes or income tax on their profits, which makes it easier for them to reinvest their earnings and grow faster.

Employees are not subject to any personal income taxes either – all an employer has to do is deduct 5% from staff salaries as Social Security contributions.

Flexible Work Environment, Leasing, and Regulations

Because of the special regulations set by free zones, employers enjoy more flexibility when it comes to hiring staff and setting up a business. For instance, companies can hire expats from all over the world without needing to apply for a work permit or sponsorship.

Businesses don’t need to commit to long-term office leases – they can rent furnished offices on flexible terms with no minimum stay periods required.

100% Ownership and Investment Opportunities

Obtaining a free zone visa also means that foreign investors have the opportunity to own a business in Dubai. Owners can hold 100% ownership of their company, which gives them full control over operations and investments. Plus, they don’t need to hire any local employees or partners to do so, either. This only means that companies have the chance to maximize their profits and take advantage of Dubai’s business-friendly environment.

Professional Support Services Offered by Free Zone Authorities

This even includes access to good quality healthcare, education and other support services. Free zone authorities also provide assistance and advice on all aspects of business operations, from setting up the company to dealing with government paperwork.

Financial and Banking Advantages

One of the best Dubai free zone visa benefits for employee and business management is on the financial side. Specifically, companies can benefit from a wide range of banking services, including corporate accounts and credit cards, as well as access to international banks and business networks.

Other Dubai Free Zone Visa Benefits for Employees and Business Owners

Aside from the aforementioned advantages, companies in Dubai free zones also benefit from a range of other incentives, such as:

  • No restrictions on foreign exchange transactions and the repatriation of profits
  • Access to world-class infrastructure and utilities
  • Affordable office space and access to business incubators

All these benefits combined make it easy for businesses to thrive in Dubai. By investing in a free zone visa, they can take full advantage of the city’s infrastructure, resources and potential.

Things to Remember When Getting a Free Zone Visa in Dubai

To ensure that you get the most out of your investment, here are a few things that you should take into consideration before applying for a free zone visa in Dubai:

  • In free zones, employees are bound to standard UAE contracts and other labour laws.
  • Annual audits are required in many free zones, so it’s important to research and prepare for them.
  • The validity of free zone visas is only for 3 years, so you may need to renew them if your business is successful.
  • Those who hold free zone visas may only work in zones they choose to work in.
  • Free zone visas are only applicable to those who are employed in the UAE, so they cannot be used as a form of residence permit.

Above all, you must remember that all visa processes are done thru the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Each free zone has different requirements for obtaining a free zone visa, so you should contact the GDRFA or the relevant free zone authority to get more information.

For your convenience, you can employ help from DUQE and enjoy the ease of total process management. We’ll be able to assist you in establishing your business in the UAE, including all your visa needs.

Steps For Obtaining a Free Zone Visa in the UAE

Knowing the steps to obtain a free zone visa in the UAE is essential for those who plan to set up their business here. The process may seem daunting, but with proper guidance and assistance, it can be done quite easily.

Our expert team at DUQE can assist you in accomplishing all the necessary steps to obtain a freezone visa. Here are the things you should do:

Choose a Free Zone and Prepare The Required Documents

You must first select a free zone that perfectly fits the kind of business you intend to open. Make sure to research each free zone thoroughly and have a clear understanding of their requirements. Depending on the free zone, documents such as passport copies, CVs, personal photos and other related documents may be required.

Register Your Company with the Free Zone Authority

After choosing your desired free zone to establish your business, you must register it with the relevant authority in order for it to operate legally within that area. This process typically requires submitting an application form along with some necessary attachments such as a business plan, Articles Of Association (AOA), Memorandum Of Association (MOA) and other supporting documents based on the free zone’s requirements.

Obtain an Entry Permit

This is the most important step in obtaining a free zone visa as it allows you to legally enter and reside within the UAE. An entry permit is only issued after registering your business with the relevant authority.

You must also provide certain documents such as passport copies, resumes, photos and other related documents when applying for an entry permit. You’ll also need to pay the entry permit fee, which varies depending on the free zone.

Submit Immigration Documents, Medical Requirements, and Residency Applications

The required medical tests, immigration documents and residency applications must be submitted in order to obtain a visa. Different free zones may have different visa requirements, so make sure to check with the relevant authorities and ensure that all necessary documents are submitted.

Secure Your Emirates ID

Having an identification card is mandatory for all residents in the UAE. An Emirates ID is required to open a bank account, access government services and more. It can be obtained by submitting an application form along with passport copies and other related documents.

Open Your Bank Account

To manage your company’s funds effectively and securely within the UAE market, it is essential to open a bank account in the free zone you are operating from. The requirements for setting up an account vary with financial institution types and free zones.

What’s good is that, with the help of a professional business setup provider like DUQE, this process can be handled quickly and easily. You’ll find it easy to achieve each item on this list with our team assisting you every step of the way.

Securing a Free Zone Visa in Dubai with DUQE

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At DUQE, we have the expertise to make sure you get your free zone visa in Dubai quickly and easily. Our team of professional consultants will provide detailed advice on the entire process from start to finish, including any requirements related to residence permits and medical tests. We can also assist with making sure all documents are filed correctly, helping you save time and energy during this difficult process.

Establishing a business in the UAE requires you to choose a business activity, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a simple process of going through the selections with our free tool! Part of our service is also licence assistance, whether it be commercial, professional, or industrial.

We’ll also ensure that your Emirates ID is obtained quickly and easily by submitting the necessary documents. And lastly, we can assist with opening a bank account in any of the available UAE financial institutions.

Our goal at DUQE is to make sure you get a free zone visa in Dubai without any hassle or delays so you can start working on your business right away.

Ready to DUQE it? Contact us today or have a free consultation to find out more about how we can help you enjoy Dubai free zone visa benefits for employee and business administration!

Dubai Free Zone Benefits for Employees FAQs

What Are the Different Types of Zones or Areas in the UAE?

The UAE is divided into four main areas or zones: mainland, free zone, offshore and designated zones. Each has its unique advantages depending on the type of business activity an investor would like to pursue.

Which Jobs in Dubai Free Zones Pay Well?

Jobs in Dubai free zones typically pay well and offer a range of benefits, such as tax-free salaries and visa sponsorship. The most sought-after jobs include financial services, technology, engineering, hospitality and entertainment.

You may also find high-paying jobs in areas such as healthcare, education and media.

What Is the Cost of Starting a Business in Dubai Free Zones?

The cost of starting a business in Dubai free zones can vary depending on the type of business activity chosen by the investor. Generally, there are various costs associated with registering and setting up your business, such as registration fees, license fees and legal consultation fees.

What Other Services Does DUQE Provide?

In addition to helping investors set up their businesses in Dubai free zones, DUQE also provides comprehensive value-added services for accounting, VAT registration, bank account opening, the necessary medical tests, health insurance, and workspaces. We also offer a range of corporate services such as company formation, due diligence and other legal matters.

You can also make use of our free Business Calculator to get an estimate of the costs associated with setting up your business in Dubai free zones.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Business Licence in Dubai, UAE?

It usually takes between 1-3 months to obtain a business licence in Dubai, UAE. The process involves obtaining the appropriate documentation from government departments, completing the registration forms, submitting them and paying any associated fees. Once all documents are approved by the relevant authorities, you will receive your business licence and be allowed to start operations.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Business in Dubai, UAE?

Usually, there are three main costs to consider when starting a business in Dubai. Here are the primary costs associated with setting up a business in the UAE:

  • Business licence fee: AED 7,345 to AED 36,725
  • Deposit upon signing: AED 5,508.75 to AED 22,035
  • Emirates NBD business account: A monthly fee starting at AED 330.52, which depends on account type and the amount you withdraw every month. This entails a minimum balance of AED 14,690 with cashier checks or wire transfers required

Start your new adventure!

With a Dubai free zone offering employees a tax-free environment, no restrictions on foreign transactions, and access to superior infrastructure and utilities, it’s no wonder why individuals and businesses are relocating to this business hub. So what are you waiting for? Submit your necessary documents and come and see for yourself just how much Dubai has to offer.



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