Residence Visa UAE: Your Complete Guide for 2023

Residence Visa UAE: Your Complete Guide for 2023


Anaya Ambwani


As a tourist or student, you’ve travelled around the UAE and fell in love with your experience. Or, you’ve heard about the abundant opportunities and decided to do something about it after dreaming of a better future. The only problem is that you aren’t qualified to live here yet. It would be best if you had a Residence Visa UAE (UAE Residence Visa) to open up the possibilities at your fingertips. After all, a UAE Residence Visa might just be what you’re looking for!

The UAE is a fantastic choice for many people. It brings in everyone who wants to leave their homeland behind and live in a country filled with opportunities. When you want to move to the United Arab Emirates, you’ll want to research the residence visa types and how you can get yours.

We can help you understand the process of getting a residence visa UAE. Luckily this guide has everything you need to know about getting a residence visa and more. So read on and learn with us!

Getting Residency in Dubai

A residence visa is divided between two types of residency schemes. When you are applying for your UAE residence visa, you will want to know the difference between two specific types first. This will be the Green Residence Visa and the Golden Residence Scheme.

The Green Residency was made to attract potential into the UAE without an employer or sponsor. The prospect of this visa option allows family members to join you with a residency visa. Small business owners and freelancers within specific salary brackets to apply.

The Golden Residency Scheme is generally for specific types of residents residing in the UAE. The scheme allows for the above benefits and aims to attract investors, highly skilled workers, and business owners. You can stay for ten years before you renew again.

When it comes to getting a UAE Residence Visa, there are so many things to consider. Aside from simply, just your UAE Residency Visa or residence permit, there are also the following:

  • Your UAE Residence Visas for family members/spouses
  • Understanding the General Directorate of Residency
  • The UAE Residence Application System
  • If you are after a Dubai Residence Visa or just a Tourist Visa
  • If you are applying for a UAE Student Visa
  • If you are applying for a UAE Investor Visa
  • If you are simply applying for an entry Visa

What’s the Length of Stay With a Residence Visa?

The average stay with getting a residence visa is between 3 to 10 years. However, if you are a freelancer, then your length of stay period is one year. A 2-year residency applies to real estate investment.

It depends on whether you have obtained a Green Residency or Gold Scheme visa. And the type of visa you used to enter the UAE.

You have to consider the following aspects of gaining a UAE Residence Visa also, before applying for any type of UAE Residency Visa. These will be required documents:

  • Your family members and their birth certificates/your birth certificate
  • An Emirates ID
  • Your bank account (and if you are already with a UAE Bank)
  • If you have foreign affairs
  • If you have or can obtain a UAE drivers license
  • if you have organised a work permit
  • If you want a long term residence visa
  • If any family member you wish to bring has correct documentation also

Types of Visas for UAE Residence

Retirement Visa

If you are over 55, the Green Residency visa allows you to stay on the retirement visa for five years. You can choose between 4 financial options to meet the criteria. Plan your retirement and work towards getting renewable visa options.

Family Visa

The possibility of bringing your family over to live with you while you are living in the UAE can be an exciting prospect. However, it would help if you met the relevant criteria to consider this option. Likewise, the family members you can bring over are your parents, spouse, and children.

A monthly income of 3,000 to 10,000 AED is necessary. If your parents are joining you, your employer can also sponsor them.

Investment Visa

There are many investment possibilities and opportunities. The investment visa can help you get a temporary or permanent permit into the Dubai-free zone. Make sure you have full ownership, which you can guarantee in a free zone.

Getting a visa through investment visas can be done through:

  • Real estate (1 million AED+ investment)
  • Services
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Existing/startup companies
  • Retirement plans

Investing in getting a visa will have specific requirements. It includes investing 60% into opportunities outside of the real estate market. Otherwise, you can only reside in the UAE but can’t receive other benefits like work.

Student and Independent Workers Visa

When you are an independent worker or a student gaining a residence visa is relatively easy. The university you will be joining can sponsor you under their names and apply for you.

As a freelancer or SME business owner, you must do the application process yourself to get the Green Residency visa. Use the help of a free zone like DUQE to set you up and provide you with the offices you need.

Business Visa

If a UAE-based business does not employ you, you may register your own company. Either way, you will be applying for a business visa and a trade license. It could mean being sponsored by your company or a local partner based in the UAE.

Registering your company in a Dubai-free zone will give you full ownership and shareholders possibilities. You will receive a three-year renewable visa. At DUQE, we can help you through this process and see you through to your dreams of having a residence visa.

What is a Free Zone?

Many opportunities are available, especially if you want to set up an SME business. There are 45 free zones, and this is where you want to be doing business. You have complete privacy from prying eyes.

These zones are also 100% tax-free, with import and export tax exemptions.

As an entrepreneur looking for preferential customs duty rates, this sounds like a sweet deal. As an owner with full ownership rights, you have complete freedom. But first, as a new business, you need a free zone visa, and it may help to have professional advice on your side.

As a free zone, DUQE can help you through the entire process of setting up your business while also giving you the needed workspace.

Benefits of Having a Residence Visa UAE

Multiple benefits come with a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates. For one, it allows you to travel and work in the UAE for an extended period. Additionally, you can use it to sponsor your family members to come and live with you!

Other entitlements you would be able to receive are:

  • Ability to work
  • Open a bank account
  • Travel to specific destinations
  • Health insurance and services
  • Drivers license
  • Government and private schools

The UAE is making it an excellent option for those looking to stay in the country for an extended period.

Eligibility Criteria for a Residence Visa UAE

There are different category requirements to be eligible for a residence visa. These requirements will indicate how you will be entering the UAE, which is emphasized. Remember, it does differ depending on your nationality.

To apply for residency, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Provide a valid passport
  • Provide a confirmed job offer from a UAE-based company if needed
  • Invest or purchase real estate within the UAE
  • Be accepted into an educational institute as a student
  • If you are not from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries

Document Requirements for a Residence Visa UAE

Government officials will ask for all the relevant documents in the various stages of the process. When you apply, you will need the below documents which may differ according to your visa options towards the end of the list.

  • Valid passport
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Entry visa
  • Medical and Biometrics test
  • ID application
  • Health insurance application
  • PCR negative report
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Proof of work sponsorship
  • Establishment card
  • Marriage or birth certificates

The UAE Entry Permit Vs. a Residence Visa

The UAE has a specific process for certain foreigners who want to enter and live in the country. You will need to apply for either an entry permit, a residence visa, or both.

So, what’s the difference between the two? Let’s take a closer look.

An entry permit allows you to stay in the UAE for up to 60 days. After which, you will need to leave the country. It is for certain foreigners who want to visit the UAE for tourism, business, or a limited period.

On the other hand, a residence visa allows you to stay in the UAE for up to 3 years. It is for foreigners who want to live in the UAE long-term. Renew or choose to leave the country once it expires.

How to Get a Residence Visa UAE?

Make sure to list whether you are inside or outside the country to get reasonable charges. Likewise, to have your application process go a lot smoother. A business owner would apply differently to the other types of visas.

If you are opening up a business the application process for getting a visa will look slightly different. Register your LLC company first, and then wait to get your establishment card. To get through to the start of your visa application process this immigration document is an essential requirement.

Visa options for the residence visa UAE would be going through the following process.

Fill out your file

After you have provided your good conduct certificate from your embassy/country, you can begin your visa application.

Fill out your file and indicate whether you are inside or outside the country. Go through a status change to say that you want to do a residence visa alongside your personal details. Once you have filled out your forms, make sure to pay the relevant fee charges.

Your file will be sent for a background check and updated accordingly. Officials will get back to you through email when you have passed through this phase. The background check ensures that you don’t have any criminal records representing you as a liability.

An Entry Permit is issued

An entry permit is also called a pink slip. Your Entry Permit will be issued to you so that you can enter the UAE within a 60-day timeline. They Submit all relevant documents alongside the original copy of your Entry Permit and passport.

Go to a typing centre

Seek a typing centre once you have received your stamp to pass through to the next stage. This is a place where the government and public service officials will help you with your residence visa. The typing centre is authorized by searching for an Amer logo.

They will scan your documents and type the relevant forms for immigration approval.

Emirates ID application and Insurance

You will then pass on through to the ID and insurance centres to apply. After paying the fees, you will wait for the relevant documents you need for your application process.

Medical tests and Biometrics capturing

Your medical tests and biometrics capture makes sure that you are healthy. A blood test and X-ray screening for your chest and body will be completed. You will get copies of your fitness and biometrics test, which you will also keep with you.

Visa Collection

After your visa application approval, you can track your residence visa application through the embassy website. You should be able to find a link that says “track your visa application.”

Patience is critical, but you will be contacted via email as soon as it is approved. Where your e-visa is sent to you. Make sure to get your visa stamped at the immigration department.

How to Cancel Your Residency Visa

Your reasons why you would be looking to cancel your visa may lead you here. The cancellation process can be done inside the UAE or outside its borders. It is a relatively straightforward process that should be done correctly.

Did you want to cancel your residency visa from inside the UAE? Contact a licensed immigration consultant who will help you with the cancellation procedure in your zone or do it online if permitted. Go to the same people who first helped you through the process of getting a visa.

If you are working for someone, they will have to cancel it. You will have to collect a cancellation form from your company to hand to the immigration authorities. Gather all your relevant documents and identification when you go through the process.

If you are outside of the country, then head down to the embassy so they can assist you.

Reach for Your Dreams

A residence visa can be a game-changer! Suffice to say that once you have one, it opens up a much wider world of opportunity. Reach out to our team at DUQE if you need help getting your visa and business operations running.

In conclusion, preparing is the best way to ensure that your visa is issued without a hitch.

It can be a long process. But if you keep all the above information in mind, you’re likely to have a smooth time while applying for a residence visa UAE on your first try.

Reach for your dreams.
Create your legacy.




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