The Benefits Of The Green Visa In The UAE

The Benefits Of The Green Visa In The UAE


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Exploring the green visa UAE benefits reveals a transformative initiative enhancing the nation’s appeal to global talents and investors. The Green Visa, instituted by the UAE government, is a strategic move to attract skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors by offering them increased flexibility and autonomy over their residency status. Its introduction significantly differs from traditional visa systems, underscoring the UAE’s progressive vision. There are many benefits of the new Green Visa.

With a focus on long-term residency, inclusive family sponsorship policies, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, the Green Visa is poised to contribute substantially to the UAE’s economic diversification and growth while improving the quality of life for its holders. This visa streamlines the process of living and working in the UAE. It provides a stable foundation for those seeking to contribute to the country’s dynamic development.

Overview of the Green Visa

The Shift in UAE’s Residence Policy

The UAE government rolled out the Green Visa in 2022, marking a major shift in its residence permit policies. This new visa category decouples work permits from residency permits, offering a more flexible approach to living and working in the UAE.

The Green Visa bolsters the country’s economic growth. It is designed to retain skilled workers, attract top talent, and encourage fresh investments.

What sets the new Green Visa also apart is its self-sponsorship feature for a five-year period, a departure from the old system that required a UAE national or employer as a sponsor. You’ll find the autonomy of the Green Visa extends to its renewal process, allowing for another five-year term upon expiry.

Visa holders also benefit from a more generous grace period of up to six months to secure a new visa, a significant leap from the previous 30-day window.

Target Audience for Green Visas

The Green Visa targets a diverse group, including skilled workers, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs, all eager to forge a life and career in the UAE. For skilled workers, the criteria include a valid employment contract and a classification within the first three occupational levels as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

You must hold at least a bachelor’s degree and earn a minimum monthly salary of AED 15,000.

Freelancers and self-employed individuals are in luck, too, as they’re eligible for the Green Visa. They need a freelance or self-employment permit, a bachelor’s degree or specialised diploma, and evidence of a substantial annual income from freelancing and self-employment re-employment over the past two years. Alternatively, they can demonstrate financial solvency for their stay in the UAE.

Investors and entrepreneurs are welcomed with open arms under the Green Visa, making it simpler for them to launch business ventures within the country. This visa allows holders to sponsor family members, investors, or partners, including spouses, children, and first-degree relatives.

Sons can be sponsored up to the full age limit of 25, and unmarried daughters can be sponsored regardless of age. Children with special needs are eligible for sponsorship with no age restrictions. The validity of their visas is tied to that of the primary applicant.

The application process for the Green Visa is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to apply online through the UAE visa system or the ICP website, select the relevant visa type, provide the necessary information, upload required documents, pay the visa fees, and then sit tight for processing, which typically takes about 2-3 months.

The fee for the Dubai Green Visa sits at approximately AED 2280. You should provide additional documentation, such as proof of accommodation, a valid job contract, and birth and marriage certificates for family members.

The Green Visa is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and welcoming environment for global talents, offering them long-term residency and a suite of benefits.

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Employment Opportunities

Self-Sponsorship and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals benefit significantly from the self-sponsorship aspect of the Green Visa. This feature empowers them to establish and grow their businesses with greater autonomy. To be eligible, applicants must present their freelance or self-employment permit and demonstrate financial stability through a consistent income from self-employment or by showing sufficient funds for their stay.

Freelancer and Remote Working Benefits

The scheme is particularly advantageous for freelancers and those engaged in remote work. It provides a secure residency option that aligns with the flexibility their work style demands. The eligibility criteria for freelancers include holding a freelance permit and the necessary academic credentials.

Impact on the Job Market

The introduction of the Green Visa is poised to enrich the UAE’s job market by attracting and retaining a diverse pool of professionals. It promises to enhance job mobility and provide a more relaxed timeframe for individuals to transition between jobs or visa statuses. This new visa category is anticipated to contribute to a more varied workforce, improved employment conditions, and economic advancement, aligning with the UAE’s strategic development objectives.

Residency and Family Benefits

Extended Residency Duration

The Green Visa extends the period of stay and residence for skilled employees and various categories of expatriates, facilitating a more secure environment for those aiming to settle in the UAE.

Family Sponsorship Provisions

The inclusivity of the Green Visa’s family sponsorship allows for the sponsorship of first-degree relatives. The process is streamlined, necessitating a minimum salary and, in some cases, proof of accommodation.

All sponsored family members over the age of 18 must undergo medical fitness examinations. For infants, the application for their residence visa must be submitted within 120 days from birth. In the case of stepchildren, a deposit and a no-objection certificate from the biological parent are required, with the provision for annual renewal of their visa.

Grace Period Flexibility After Job Loss

The Green Visa introduces a more lenient grace period for visa holders and their dependents after a job loss or visa expiry, extending it to six months. This additional time is beneficial for seeking new employment or making departure arrangements.

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Investment Incentives

Encouraging Foreign Investment

The Green Visa is designed to attract foreign investors by offering them the opportunity to establish and nurture their business interests in the UAE. The visa provides a stable platform for a half-decade for those looking to invest, enhancing the prospects for long-term business endeavours.

Investors must engage in commercial activities within the country and receive approval from the competent local authorities. The ICP conducts a thorough evaluation using an investor rating system to ensure that investments are both genuine and substantial.

Benefits for Startup Owners

Entrepreneurs at the helm of startups stand to gain from the stability and longevity of the Green Visa. The extended residency aligns with the time required for startups to develop, mature, and become profitable, allowing owners to focus on their business without the distraction of frequent visa renewals.

Real Estate Ownership Advantages

Property investors are another group that stands to benefit from the Green Visa. The alignment of the green visa holder’s duration with the long-term nature of property investment provides an added sense of security for those looking to invest in the UAE’s property market, potentially leading to increased stability and activity within the sector.

Lifestyle and Social Advantages

Quality of Life Improvement

The introduction of the Green Visa has ushered in lifestyle enhancements for its holders and their families, providing a sense of unity and security. The policy reflects the UAE’s dedication to elevating the living standards of its inhabitants.

Access to World-Class Facilities

The UAE’s commitment to healthcare excellence is evident in its substantial investments in both public and private health sectors, addressing the growing demand for medical services. Residents benefit from state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced technology and specialised treatment centres. The Dubai Health Authority ensures the healthcare sector upholds high standards, attracting elite medical staff and promoting innovation.

Healthcare free zones such as Dubai Healthcare City and Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park are integral to the strategic vision of creating a knowledge-based economy with a focus on life sciences and healthcare excellence. These zones are pivotal in healthcare innovation, contributing to the UAE’s leading position in healthcare within the GCC and its esteemed global standing.

Cultural Diversity and Tolerance

The UAE’s dynamic visa policies have attracted a diverse workforce, contributing to a culturally rich and tolerant society. The Green Visa’s benefits have made the UAE a desirable destination for skilled individuals, enriching the nation’s cultural mosaic. The country’s commitment to diversity and tolerance is evident in its legal and social frameworks, fostering a cosmopolitan community that values the contributions of its diverse population.

Embracing a Brighter Future

The Green Visa stands at the forefront of the UAE’s progressive immigration landscape, offering a beacon of opportunity for those aiming to pursue their dreams in a land known for its ambition and innovation. Through its strategic incentives, familial inclusion, and a nod to a work-life blend that caters to modern lifestyles, this visa category paves the way for a dynamic and enriching experience in the Emirates.

As the UAE continues to sculpt its vision for a diversified economy and a nurturing society, the Green Visa is more than just a permit to reside; it’s a gateway to newfound freedoms and possibilities, allowing for deeper integration into the fabric of a forward-thinking nation. The journey beckons with promise under the UAE’s welcoming skies for entrepreneurs, investors, skilled employees, professionals, and families alike.

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