How To Get A Management Consultancy Licence In Dubai

How To Get A Management Consultancy Licence In Dubai


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Obtaining a management consultancy licence in Dubai is essential for professionals aiming to capitalise on the region’s burgeoning demand for expert business advice. The Emirate’s strategic focus on economic diversification has opened avenues for consultancy services across various sectors, making it an opportune time for consultants to establish their practices. This guide outlines the crucial steps to secure the necessary credentials for offering management consultancy services in Dubai. From understanding the regional demand and selecting a business activity to navigating the licensing process and leveraging the benefits of Free Zones like Meydan, aspiring consultants will find a comprehensive roadmap to launching their consultancy with the proper legal and professional framework in place. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, the path to acquiring a management consultancy licence in Dubai begins with knowing the essentials outlined in this guide.

How to Become a Management Consultant in Dubai

Demand for Management Consultancy Work In Dubai

The landscape of management consultancy in Dubai is rapidly expanding. The industry is experiencing significant growth, with a rate of 16.6%, as the country seeks to bounce back robustly from the pandemic. This surge covers management consulting and also reflects the UAE’s broader ambition to diversify its economy and reduce its reliance on oil revenues.

Many consulting firms are finding their services in high demand, especially within the public sector. In fact, the UAE’s public sector has become the largest consumer of consulting services. This has contributed to the country’s consulting industry’s impressive consultancy turnover of $1.2 billion in 2019.

The management consulting market in the UAE, the second-largest GCC after Saudi Arabia, has seen its revenues soar to $3.3 billion in 2021. This growth isn’t just in traditional areas but also in emerging sectors such as cybersecurity. Cybersecurity witnessed a revenue increase of over 28% to $303 million in 2021.

Additionally, strategy consulting has seen a significant uptick across the GCC. Revenues climbed more than 24% to $838 million in 2021. Reflecting this buoyant market, a majority of client organisations in the GCC anticipate increasing their expenditure on management consulting services and support.

Key Authority Bodies for Licensing

You’ll need to obtain a management consultancy licence to establish a management consultancy in Dubai legally. This licence isn’t just a formality; it enables the consultancy license to provide professional consultancy services. These services range from recommending operational policies and procedures to advising on company restructuring.

The management consultancy licence is also a prerequisite for setting up a business office. It’s necessary for applying for visas, hiring staff, and opening a corporate bank account. The Meydan Free Zone is a pivotal authority body that facilitates the acquisition of a management consultancy licence.

The Meydan Free Zone offers a streamlined process for businesses to select from over 2000 activities across various industries. ‘Consultancy’ is the most pertinent group for management consulting firms and marketing services. The Free Zone’s proximity to Dubai’s centre, the airport, and leisure facilities like the international racecourse and golf course make it an attractive location for setting up a consultancy.

Types of Management Consultancy Licences

In Dubai, the types of management consultancy licences available cover a broad spectrum of services. Consultants may offer services including Business Process Innovation, Market Assessment, Strategy Formation, Human Capital, and Service Excellence. The Meydan Free Zone provides a conducive environment for management consultancies to flourish.

The Meydan Free Zone offers benefits such as 100% foreign ownership. There’s full repatriation of capital and profits and a tax-free regime on both income and corporate earnings. The entire process of obtaining a management consultancy licence in the Meydan Free Zone is straightforward and cost-effective, with prices starting from $3,400 (AED 12,500).

The required documentation for a licence is minimal. It typically includes a passport copy, a digital passport-sized photo, and copies of a residence visa and Emirates ID if applicable. The Free Zone’s customer portal simplifies the registration and payment of fees, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Once the licence is obtained, consultants can apply for a corporate bank account to manage client payments. They can also benefit from the Free Zone’s robust infrastructure. The Meydan Free Zone stands out for its quick and easy incorporation process.

The issuance of company documents can be completed within a day. The provision of an instant IBAN for banking transactions is available, and a range of office facilities are accessible around the clock. Additionally, the Free Zone offers exclusive community benefits and discounts, enhancing the appeal of launching a consultancy in this vibrant business hub.

Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring a Management Consultant in Dubai

Select Your Business Activity

Identifying the precise nature of your firm’s services is crucial. With a broad spectrum of possibilities, selecting an area that leverages your strengths and responds to market needs is essential. While many smaller consultancies may provide a range of general services, specificity can help in carving out a niche.

The activity code for this field is 741 405, which is categorised under the professional licence type.

Decide On A Trade Name For Your Business

Your trade name is a fundamental aspect of your identity and should be chosen with care to reflect your consultancy’s values and mission. It must comply with local regulations, which mandate respectfulness and prohibit certain content, such as personal acronyms.

Decide On A Business Location

Your choice of location is a strategic decision that influences your firm’s trajectory. Whether you choose a mainland or a Free Zone setup, each offers unique benefits. The Meydan Free Zone is an example of a location that combines central positioning with a host of advantages, including a swift setup process and visa flexibility.

When selecting a location, consider factors like infrastructure, accessibility, and proximity to potential clients and partners.

Complete Your Application And Pay The Fees

Securing a licence is essential for legally operating your consultancy business licence here. The cost for this licence varies, with a starting point typically around $3,400 (AED 12,500).

The application process requires the submission of specific documents, and additional requirements may vary by Free Zone. Engaging with corporate service providers can facilitate this process.

Open A Corporate Bank Account

Establishing a corporate bank account is critical for managing your consultancy’s financial transactions. The selection of a business bank account will necessitate the provision of detailed company information and documentation.

The bank will perform due diligence on your management team, and financial forecasts will be requested. Personal attendance at a business bank is often required during the application process, which may include an interview. It’s beneficial to consider banking options that minimise costs for international transactions.

Selecting a suitable banking partner is crucial for maintaining your own consultancy business’s fiscal well-being and operational effectiveness.

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Documents Required to Get a Management Consultancy Licence in Dubai

To secure a management consultancy licence, thorough preparation of your documentation is essential. The requirements are generally consistent Whether you apply through a Free Zone or directly to the DED. However, some variations may occur based on the authority and the specific management consultancy license services you intend to provide.

For entrepreneurs opting for the Free Zone route, the initial steps involve submitting a digital passport-sized photograph along with a copy of your passport. UAE residents must also present their residence visa and Emirates ID to verify their identity and residency status.

The Free Zone’s support can be invaluable in compiling the necessary documentation and ensuring that your licence application itself is complete and submitted correctly.

The application itself must be accompanied by passport and visa copies for all shareholders or business owners, along with two colour passport-size photographs per person, to confirm the identities of the company’s principals.

Certain consultancy activities may require additional clearances from various government departments, ensuring compliance with local regulations and industry-specific standards.

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your visa sponsor is mandatory for those currently employed and looking to venture into consulting business consultancy. This document signifies your sponsor’s consent for your entrepreneurial pursuits within the UAE, helping to prevent any conflicts regarding your work and residency status.

Consult with the Free Zone or DED for the most current requirements and any supplementary documents that may be necessary to facilitate a smooth licensing process.

Activities Permitted Under a Management Consultancy Licence in Dubai

Market Assessment

Consultants analyse market conditions, consumer behaviours, and the competitive environment to inform strategic planning for both established entities and new market entrants.

Strategy Formation Activity

Consultants collaborate with clients to create strategies encompassing various business aspects, including financial planning, customer service, and internal processes, to ensure the organisation’s objectives are met.

Balance Scorecard Activity

Consultants utilise the balanced scorecard as a tool to align business activities with the vision and strategy of the organisation, providing a set of performance metrics that can be implemented at different operational levels.

Business Process Innovation Activity

Consultants are engaged in reevaluating and reengineering workflows to increase service delivery and operational effectiveness, which in turn can elevate profitability and customer satisfaction.

Service Excellence Activity

Consultants work on enhancing customer service strategies through customer segmentation and contact analysis and evaluating service delivery technologies to elevate the customer experience and maintain competitiveness.

Human Capital Service

Consultants offer guidance on human resources and organisational change, including enterprise design and talent management, to ensure the client’s workforce is effectively utilised and aligned with global trends and industry standards.

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How Much is a Consultancy Licence in Dubai?

Prices for a consultancy licence can vary, with some packages including additional benefits such as visa allocations. The Meydan Free Zone is recognised for its value and comprehensive services, which streamline the setup of consultancies.

What Qualifications do I need to be a Management Consultant in the UAE?

Formal qualifications are optional to enter the UAE’s management consultancy field. Nonetheless, possessing a robust educational foundation and relevant professional experience can enhance your credibility. Expertise in areas that align with the needs of Dubai’s diverse business landscape, including small and medium-sized enterprises, can be particularly beneficial.

Do you need an MBA to be a Management Consultant?

An MBA is not a prerequisite for becoming a management consultant in Dubai or other professional consulting firms in the broader UAE. Practical experience, a proven track record, and adeptness in addressing business challenges are often sufficient to establish oneself in the profession.

Is there a Demand for Management Consultants in Dubai?

Dubai’s demand for management consultants remains robust, driven by the city’s strategic initiatives and conducive business climate. The expertise required spans various domains, from general management consulting with a particular emphasis on skills that support the diverse array of local businesses. The incentives provided by free zones, such as Meydan, bolster the sector by offering a nurturing environment for consultancy practices.

Embark on Your Consultancy Journey

With the potent combination of a booming market and a streamlined licensing process, Dubai presents an irresistible opportunity for budding management consultants. The Meydan Free Zone serves as an ideal springboard, offering a medley of strategic advantages – from location to financial incentives.

Embarking on the journey to establish your management consultancy here is less of a leap and more a calculated step towards inevitable growth. Ensure you’re equipped with the right documentation, select a suitable banking partner, and capitalise on the robust demand across diverse sectors.

Ready to transform your consultancy aspirations into reality? Dubai’s doors are wide open to welcome your expertise and drive.

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